Rental services for weddings in Rome

For all the needs related to the car rental service for weddings in Rome, we at Nccitaly we are distinguished by the extreme attention to detail and overall quality that we are able to assure our customers.

Car rental for weddings is a delicate service, because it comes to planning the ceremony thoroughly, preparing refined the car for the bride, and establishing in advance each step in relation to what the bride and groom wish and / or have planned.

And in this context the experience gained over the years will prove invaluable to the success of your event …

Not only will we be able to realize your dreams, but we can recommend for the best, based on our experience!

How the service works

Preliminary agreements

We’ll meet you in person in our offices to plan together how to conduct the wedding service, organizing carefully every detail …

Bride withdrawal

At least thirty minutes prior to the agreed upon, our driver will be present at the appointment, with the car perfectly in order and properly decorated, waiting for the bride. Once ready, the bride and her escort will be seated in the vehicle and shall be led to the place of marriage.

Check in church

The driver will proceed with caution making sure the groom is already waiting. Arrived in front of the church, he will come down, open the rear door and help the bride out of the car. During the ceremony he will wait for the bride and groom.

Photo book

At the exit from the church, our driver will help the bride and groom to sit in the car, and then directing the line of guests to the restaurant. Once at the top, if required and necessary, the driver will accompany the guests of honor, at the right place for the photo book.

With the conclusion of the Photo Book, depending on the agreements, he will go away, or wait until the end of the wedding reception, to accompany the bride and groom to the hotel, airport or wherever they wish.

Cars for your wedding …

Contact us with confidence, to organize together with every detail to ensure that your marriage will become an exceptional event!